Law of Perdition TV Series

Law of Perdition TV Series

9 Episodes

Law of Perdition "Season One" will follow a detective whose cold cases are returning from the dead as ghosts to help him solve their horrific murders

Law of Perdition TV Series
  • Episode 1 Law of Perdition

    Episode 1

    Angelawaken: A couple is found dead in a quiet Bucks County home

  • Episode 2 Law of Perdition

    Episode 2

    Meth Town USA: Petrowski realizes why the young girl on the stoop seemed so oddly familiar

  • Episode 3 Law of Perdition

    Episode 3

    Pecking Order: Petrowski visits the site of a former cold case

  • Episode 4 Law of Perdition

    Episode 4

    Angelamerica: During a steak out Petrowski's new friend reveals her identity

  • Episode 5 Law of Perdition

    Episode 5

    Crickers and Rich Kids: Petrowski and Angela retrace the last moments leading up to her death

  • Episode 6 Law of Perdition

    Episode 6

    What's A Devil To Do?: Mr. Peck is arrested under suspicion of multiple homicides only to come up clean

  • Episode 7 Law of Perdition

    Episode 7

    Even Good Guys Have Bad Days: Pepper's found dead in a junk yard leading the police to the body of another missing person

  • Episode 8 Law of Perdition

    Episode 8

    Dead Body Brick Road: Munky identifies the murder weapon used on Corbin Burke, triggering a memory from Angela's Past

  • Episode 9 Law of Perdition

    Episode 9

    Everyone Has to Pay: Petrowski resorts to criminal methods to incriminate Peck and finds out Rebecca is picked up for selling low level drugs